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Meet the Intelligent Bolt

What Is an Intelligent Bolt?

The Intelligent Mill Liner Bolt

Up until now, SAG mill operations have lacked the means to intelligently determine mill liner replacements, other than the "blind" option of shutting down production, clearing the feed chute and doing a full, physical inspection of the mill lining and its wear depth.

Brought to you by the world's foremost relining company Kaltech International the iBolt is designed to allow you to keep an "eye" on the high liner wear areas of your mill while the mill is running. The iBolt directly monitors the liner wear inside a running mill. This compliments and supports current monitoring methods, allowing for more accurate predictive wear and enhanced maintenance planning.

Increase Mill Efficiency and Production

All grinding mills at some point in time will experience accelerated liner wear in the high-wear zones that can result in structural mill damage. By placing the iBolts in these high-wear areas, this can become a thing of the past.

Improve Reline Prediction and Scheduling

The rate of liner wear fluctuates depending on ore type and other factors. Used as intended, the iBolt can be used to maximize functional liner life, by accurately monitoring liner wear and thus assisting with shutdown prediction and the optimization of reline planning.

Provide Peace of Mind

Customized iBolts for your mills will allow you to know and monitor with certainty the liner wear in your mill, while the mill is running. The iBolt will advise of a wear point as well as the rate of wear.

Minimize Downtime

Those plants that desire to start the mill and run it for as long as possible between mill relines can use the iBolts to accurately monitor the progressive liner wear during this time.

Meet the iBolt

Prediction + Data = Less Downtime and More Production

Simply stated, the iBolt is a wear indicator bolt.

It provides the capability to inform you, outside of the mill, how the liners are wearing. This is accomplished via a flashing LED light which is designed to flash for approximately 48 hours.

The iBolt is a bolt with built in intelligence that that can be customized to the specifications of your mill and liners. The iBolts are positioned in high wear areas and designed in accordance with your wear prediction requirements.

The iBolts can even be configured according to the end user needs. As an example, the trigger points can be set to activate at: 50% wear (green light) and 65% wear (orange light) and then 80% wear (red light).

As experienced reline experts, we anticipate that the primary utilization of the iBolt will be to confirm the liner wear prediction that the maintenance team currently has in place. As the iBolt is intended for placement in high-wear spots, this can be accomplished with the installation of only a few strategically placed bolts in a mill.

Installation of the iBolt is relatively straightforward, in most cases it is “business as usual” during the reline process.

Other potential uses could be the integration of a sensor to receive the light signal. The information, once captured, could then be utilized in a number of possible ways. For example, an alert could be sent to a smartphone informing one that the 50% wear-point has been triggered on a mill. Or, depending on the bolt configuration and how many iBolts are utilized, the information could be of use in measuring the live wear rate as it happens. This data could then be crossed referenced with tonnage, mill speed and so on.

The iBolt is an “eye in the mill,” arming you with the insight and information you need to more efficiently manage milling operations.

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